Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Post Mission Review

by Joan
We've been home two weeks, and my heart and thoughts often go back to Ayutthaya. We loved our members--the close knit group, their testimonies of Jesus Christ, the unity, the baptisms and recent converts. We became attached to the elders who served in Ayutthaya and the sister missionaries we occasionally served with. There's so many things I will miss.

Elder and Sister Seppi came to the branch
and explained the PEF fund
So to somewhat complete our blog I am posting random pictures of happening near the end.

The youth gave us a farewell party, doing
a review of some of the activities we have held: the
Armor of God, Singing in the Rain, and Pioneer Day.
We came in April of 2013 and left Sept 2014. What a great experience! The Thai people taught us so much and have so much love to give. The Saints have strong testimonies. It is not easy being a Christian in a Buddhist society. They must have courage to stand alone. Many do.

David Shaw honored us by playing the bagpipes.

The youth swimming party we missed. We heard
it was a wonderful time.

Our tearful last Sunday at Ayutthaya Branch. Look at their
beautiful faces. These hold to their belief in Jesus Christ
amidst a non-believing culture. We love these people!

There are programs to help the members such as the Perpetual Education Fund. What a blessing it is to those who, without it, getting an education would be out-of-reach.

Elder Sowards with the group that came at
4AM to see us off at the airport--
including the giant. His name is

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