Saturday, March 22, 2014

Making Progress

Plant growing 7 eggplants in our yard
Elder Mageno putting up our "Open House"
Ayutthaya Branch's latest baptisms
We spend much of the week preparing for the branch Open House to be held on Sat. March 23rd. We have a real sign outside the church with our name on it. But the highway department decided to repave the road in front of the church which makes it very hard to get to now. 

 I (Elder Sowards) lost the side of a tooth because the filling came out then the tooth cracked. The father of a newly baptized member is a dentist. Where else can one go at 7:45 PM at night on a Saturday night and see a dentist, get the tooth repaired and all for about $26! Some things are great here. The dentist did a good work.

Last Saturday the Relief Society held their annual RS birthday event. I had figured to take Joan and then work in the branch president’s office during the event. Surprise! I was told, just as it started, that I was presiding and would be the last speaker. I should have guessed. Also, our four elders had also been invited. In the states the RS would have kicked the bishop and missionaries out-- tactfully.

 Thursday, I made a presentation to the Thailand Hospital Association at their annual conference. Of course it was about Lean. They had asked me several months ago. I did introduce the church and even quoted Joseph Smith on teaching correct principles and letting people govern themselves. Afterwards an attendee came up to Joan and explained in English/Thai that she was a member--which was a treat for us. The conference committee did put us up over night at the hotel by the convention center. It was very nice.

Elder Sowards teaching how to apply Lean
Thinking in hospitals
Elder Sowards pointing to his name on the class schedule.

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