Thursday, March 27, 2014

The High Road

We have Thai elders in the mission who are the only members in their family and don't receive mail. We have accepted the challenge to send emails to these elders weekly. The first letter to was a Thai elder who answered with a smiley-face (the symbol that speaks all languages.) The second elder sent this reply:

I love your story in Ayutthaya [about the open house] ... Thank you for your story and your daughter's name is a very beautiful name in Thai [Tasanee].  And i just wanna say Happy birthday to her.  And this week we had 11 investigators come to church and all together every companionship in Asoke had more than 50 investigators at church and we have a famous politician in the sacrament meeting.  And I hope every things doing great too. May the Lord bless you

We admire these Thai elders who serve the Lord with no support from family or friends. It takes courage to be a Christian in a Buddhist world, to honor your covenants when all around you tell you not to.

They clearly have taken the high road.
(photo found at MorgueFile)


  1. I am so impressed with these good saints who sacrifice so much to stay true to what they know. Thanks for YOUR example too Joan and Dennis! And thanks for the delicious cheesecake. You two are such dear friends.

  2. So glad you enjoyed the cheesecake. We love you and your family! Thank you for visiting our blog.