Monday, April 14, 2014

We Need Not Stand Alone

A non-member nineteen year-old girl came to the church asking if she could learn about the church. She had had a dream about a lamb, and had a feeling the dream was connected to Christianity. When she saw this picture of Christ with a lamb that we have in a classroom, she said it was the same lamb in her dream. How did she know where to find the church?  We had given her an English class invite card that has a map, some days earlier at a local grocery store. 

She came to English class on Tuesday. We helped the elders teach her on Thursday. On Friday she came back to the church before going to work. We were cleaning the building. She helped clean and said she loved the feeling she has when in the church. She came to several sessions of General Conference over the weekend.

She has a sweet, humble spirit and we hope she will be ready for baptism soon.

Update May 19: This sister was baptized the Sunday before a Thai holiday where families get together. She was so happy the day of her baptism--beamingly. The next day, this sister went home to be with her family. As so often happens to new members, they tell their family they have become Christian and everyone gets upset and talks "sense" into the person. Buddhism is the way of life here in every way and it is hard to break from. We haven't seen the sister since her baptism. She doesn't answer calls. She was taught at the church, and home addresses here are impossible to find. 

I hope the Spirit touches her heart and she will remember how great it was to feel the Spirit, and that someday she will return.


  1. Terrific experience. As are all the others that I have read!

  2. The sister in this story was baptized today! We are so grateful the Lord is preparing so many in Thailand to receive the gospel. There are so many who have their own spiritual experience that brought them into the Church.