Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thai Translator of the Book of Mormon Passes Away

This is reposted from Sister Srilaksana headed the first translation of the Book of Mormon into Thai. This woman is loved by all. We are sorry we could not attend her services, and post this article in her honor. When Dennis served in Thailand 1969-1971 the Book of Mormon had not been yet translated. We appreciate the long, hard process that translation is.

November 7, 2013 - Sister Srilaksana Suntarahut, the mother of the LDS Church in Thailand, passed away on November 7, 2013, in Bangkok Thailand.

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Srilaksana Suntarahut (1924-2013)

Srilaksana Suntarahut (1924-2013) was an early convert to the LDS Church in Thailand soon after the first missionaries arrived in 1968. Her testimony came powerfully, after reading just a few verses, from the English Book of Mormon. She and two sisters, were raised by the widowed and childless Queen of King Rama VI, with the support of her parents. She became the principal translator of the LDS Scriptures into the Thai Language (1970-1979), receiving revelation to solve challenging issues. While she could not be their priesthood leader, she was the shepherd to the young flock of early converts, hosting them at her home every Sunday afternoon. She shared her testimony with all who would listen. Her story is one of the most remarkable in all of LDS Church history.

A memorial for Srilaksana Suntarahut was held at the Asoke Ward meeting house in Bangkok on Saturday, November 9, 2013.

Photo and Flowers at the memorial service.
Some of those who attended the memorial service on November 9, 2013, at the Asoke chapel in Bangkok Thailand.
Photos: Wisan Wisanbannawit

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