Sunday, May 18, 2014

More Adventures

We took pictures to the city highway department of the construction holes around the entrance to the church. They were dug over three weeks ago and then left. Two cars have slid a tire off into the hole. The people at the city office said they would work on fixing the problem. So Sunday they started, adding to the challenge of members entering the church. Always opposition.

Our Brother who has been in the hospital for months is now home and improving. At home, he smiled for the first time, shook our hands and attempted to speak. So wonderful to see his progress!

Brother and his devoted sister. His brother and sister have been
very devoted to his care since his accident.
 This was the first time in months that we had no members in the hospital. It lasted only one day though; a sister is now in with major abdomen problems, and a brother had an emergency appendectomy.

Saturday, the Elders Quorum President and I had a leadership meeting in Bangkok with Area authority E. Woo. It was an interesting meeting with lots of instruction. We returned about 8:30 PM to find that Joan had taken a tuk tuk (small truck taxi) to the hospital to see the sister I mentioned above. The sister is doing better.

On Sunday, I baptized a young woman who told me I was like a father to her. I have counseled her a few times and her own father passed away many years ago. Afterwards, a van from the Thailand Quality Award (TQA) program took Sister Sowards and I to Sir James Lodge about an hour away. TQA was holding a week-long training for examiners. They had us stay the night, as I was to teach an hour presentation on Lean at 7:30 am Monday morning. It was a beautiful place and our room had a spectacular view of the valley, but immediately after the presentation we had to return home, so we didn’t get a chance to enjoy it longer.

The ride back was interesting as the one other rider was an MD officer with the Chulalongkorn Hospital and medical school in Bangkok, the most prestigious med school in Thailand.  He had studied in the US and spoke very good English. We talked about everything from the Word of Wisdom to how to get doctors to change their attitude toward change. Even though our assignment is to work with members, we enjoy sharing the gospel with whomever we meet.

I renewed my Thai driver’s license today. It took a long time waiting, just like the AZ MVD. But this was in a non A/C room – hot, hot, hot. It is now good for 5 years.

Monday, we held our monthly YSA family home evening. It was lightly attended due to the Thai holiday, only two came, but we still had a fun evening. As we were about to end and eat the chocolate chips cookies Joan had made, about 10 other members and two missionaries came to wish Joan a happy birthday. They gave her a bouquet of roses and sang Happy Birthday in English. They enjoyed the cookies as Joan baked several more trays so everyone could have their fill.

We took our youth group to the tourist center museum and met this schoolclass who sang several songs to us in English and then wanted their photo with us. Their teacher is very dedicated to teaching them English and giving them a good education. It is fun to be a foreigner in Thailand.

Everyday brings new surprises. It is always an adventure in Thailand!

View from room at Sir James Lodge

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