Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Orchid Festival

Today was our wedding anniversary and we went to Siam Paragon Mall for dinner. It is the same mall our family visited in 2000. (Remember? We saw the British version of Harry Potter #2. The ice skating rink has been replaced with iMax and other movie theaters.)

Visitors packed the ground floor of the mall to see the orchid festival. Thailand is famous for their many varieties of orchids.

Top L- these vases are totally covered in small orchids. R--life sized elephants covered in orchids greet visitors as they enter. L-- Five life-sized fairies (mannequins) each wear different colored skirts and head coverings of orchids.

Below: A swan, a peacock, and a sample of the many entries in the festival. Many of them wore 1st place, 2nd place etc. ribbons.

I'd never seen so many orchids in one place before, or so much
artwork in flowers.


  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful orchid designs. Scott said he had never seen anything like that when he served. Nice to know of the progress of the country.

  2. In 2000 when we came with our family, we visited an orchid "farm." Dennis doesn't remember orchids being a big thing here back in 1970 either. It must be a growing industry, and I hope we see more orchids. Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving posts!