Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wear Your Thai Skirt to Church Day

 Today was Wear-your-authentic-Thai-skirt-to-church Day. Aren't these skirts beautiful? Even the little girl pictured wore hers. She is the sweetheart of the branch--and can you believe?--the youngest active member.
They delighted in posing me in Thai dance stances--so here I am. I had to hold my hands just so before they would snap the picture. It was a fun day.

On the more spiritual side,  our elders quorum president, member of the district presidency, and high councilman instructed us on the finer points of church welfare. Our four elders--Engle, Chambers, Trabing, and Unsworth sang Ye Elders of Israel in four part harmony.

We also had two returning missionaries and their wives visiting from the States. It is always good to have visitors and returning missionaries. One of the RMs had been branch president in the Ayutthaya Branch in 2006.


  1. Love your beautiful skirt and blouse! You look good and I like the Thai dance pose too! They are a lot like the traditional Cambodian Skirt! You both are doing such a great work and it sounds like you are loving it!

  2. Thank you, Juliette. We are enjoying Thailand very much. I often wonder how life here compares with Cambodia. We have entered the rainy season and I love it.