Friday, August 2, 2013

In Our House--Finally

We are in our house in Ayutthaya! We still don't have a kitchen, and I hope our landlord will come through. The attitude here is I'll get to it when convenient. The house has three bedrooms upstairs and a living room and the room for the kitchen downstairs.

It is a nice gated community that is peaceful and quiet--until 10PM when the nightclub starts up its live band that plays until 1AM. The first night, what a surprise when I crawled into bed only to be accompanied by a loud drumbeat! Gracious! I thought they would never end, but they did at 12:41, thank goodness. Now we have a fan to drown out the noise. It does a decent job, too. I think of all the people who bought homes in this beautiful neighborhood in the daylight, only to discover, as I did, it is a nightmare at night.

We had a great rainstorm last night that took out the electrical power. Elder Sowards and I decided to go grocery shopping, which was a great time to go because hardly anyone was there.

Every day is an adventure!

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