Friday, August 16, 2013

Today's Facts of Life-- in Thailand

1. Ants co-exist with us on a daily basis.
 I'm not sure what spilt matter these ants find
 so attractive, but I awoke to find this almost perfect circle.

2. A person is more likely to die a traffic related death in Thailand than the USA.

3. If you wait too long to fill a parking space, someone else will squeeze in before you--even when you have the turn signal on.

4. Not all houses are created with kitchens. I still don't have a kitchen sink
5. Missionaries finish their service and new missionaries come to replace them. This week we said goodbye to three "jobbers" (missionaries going home): Elders Mateos, Buss, and Staten finish honorable missions and return home.  Two sisters; Church and Itri also "jobbed". We welcomed 22 new elders and sisters from the MTC.

Below: Sister Yui visited Ayutthaya, where she was baptized, before leaving for the Provo MTC to start her mission on Temple Square. I told her the beautiful girls serve on Temple Square.

6. Not all clothes washers are created equal. I have a new one that am thankful for, but hooking it up was a challenge--proving again that Elder Sowards is amazing. The user manual came in Thai script only. Fun, huh?

7. If the menu says "steak" don't envision the thick juicy one you ordered at Black Angus. Expect thin cut, and tough.

8. Geckos leave droppings. Thai geckos (jingjoke) leave larger droppings than Arizona geckos.

9. Motorbikes own the street and the sidewalk.

10. Nightclubs have a right to play loud music past midnight--every night of the week. Pray for rain. Rain cancels the band.

11. Some Thai customs are too beautiful to let die. Piglet and Iris dressed in traditional Thai celebration dress last Monday--Thai Mother's Day--the queen's birthday.

12. Don't expect to find American brands of food, and even if you find it, it will be three times the cost as at home and will not taste quite the same.

So, there you go. Sawadii kha.

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