Saturday, February 22, 2014

History in the Making!

Elders Fronberg and Steiner are first to go to Myranmar

We witnessed history today! The first two "Branch Builders" (aside senior couples) are assigned to Myranmar. Elders Fronberg and Steiner will work with Elder and Sister Hobbs and Elder and Sister Haymore already in Yangon. This is so exciting to see this happen. It is not legal to proselyte, but they can teach those who come to the church house.
Our mission is growing (170) as you can see by the photo. All elders and sisters were invited to this transfer meeting. Many changes were made. I love the energy of transfer meeting. Ayutthaya lost elder Slaughter (sorry to see him go to zone leader) and gained Elder Kettavong. Good things are in store for Ayutthaya!

Here are the newly arrived elders and sisters:

Elder and Sister Brown – Riverton, Utah, assigned to Udorn  
Elder and Sister Ure  - Orem, UT, assigned to ChaingMai
Elder Tamang – California
Elder Boonmee – Riverton, UT
Elder Lingard – Mesa, AZ 
Elder Savage – Provo, UT
Elder Finlayson –North Ogden, UT 
Elder Smith – Lindon, UT            
Elder Baldwin, Concord, CA 
Elder Hales – Orem, UT
Elder Bassett – Layton, UT
Sister Black – Alpine, UT
Elder Burke – North Ogden, UT
Elder Larsen – Fairview, UT
Elder   Cooper - Australia
Elder Lodwick- Nashville, TN 

I probably missed someone or got their hometown wrong! Each of these elders and sisters are eager to start to work. Please say a special prayer for the Thailand Bangkok mission's success.

 I missed listing last transfer's new Elder and Sisters, so here they are:
  • Sister Allyson Adams
  • Sister Brooke Embley
  • Sister Samantha Holmes
  • Sister Brittany Lam
  • Sister Brynne Woodbury
  • Elder Reid Arne 

    Those who are boarding the plane for home (Yep, their two years are up) are:

    Elder Dillon Haughton
    Elder Joseph Gibbons - served in Ayutthaya
    Elder Narin Rakmak 
    Sister Mary Orchard 
    Elder Carson Tatton 
    Elder Joseph Cox 
    Elder Braxton Davies 
    Elder Corbin Sharp 
    Elder Nathan Bartling
    Elder Barry Engle - served in Ayutthaya
    Elder Landon Simonsen 

    Elder Ethan Bennett 
    Elder Eric Campbell
    Elder Rhett Gilley
    Elder Jace Saunders 

    Elder Matthew Creer 
    Elder Jackson Harley 
    Elder Keoki Yuen 
    Elder Renner

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