Monday, February 24, 2014

Learning about the Creation

Saturday’s youth activity the elders taught about the creation using Genesis’ version. Most Thais do not know the bible well, or the creation story. When they start investigating the church, they are given a  Book of Mormon, and later they will have a Bible.
Building the creation

The youth were divided into groups and had to make (flour dough/paper cutouts/etc.) something to represent what happened each day of the creation. One young man turned on the overhead fans to represent the presence of air on earth. Two boys used a flashlight for "Let there be light." We had animals, fish, birds, plants (not in that order) and last of all--a salt dough man and woman. It all worked out. We built our earth on a cookie sheet.

Boonlerd teaching making bows
Then we played a make-shift version of Creation Cranium where teams had to answer questions about the creation. The most fun discovery was that Sister Ja cannot walk like a penguin.

Afterward, Sister Boonlerd taught the youth how to make flowers and bows from ribbon. For the treat, we had a sundae bar with food items representing each day of the creation: Ice cream was formed matter; homemade chocolate sauce and whip cream for the separation of light and dark; bananas and nuts were the plants; gummy bears and animal crackers represented the animals; and for mankind, we used plain M&Ms for “man”.   It was delicious fun.

It is Elder Crump's birthday and Sister On brought this gorgeous cake. He served it to all the members and didn't save a piece for himself.

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