Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Singing Time at School

We visited Wat Nongchid school for the last time today and sang English songs with the children for an hour. Principal Noy is a member of our branch. We came three times during the last school year, so this was a review of the songs they already had learned. They are amazingly behaved, and even toward the end of the hour when they were getting squirmy (having to sit on the floor) they still sang and kept focused. I love their school uniforms. All the students in Thailand, even the universities, wear uniforms. It solves the fashion competition and modesty problems.

We sang: Row your Boat, Singing a Song is Fun To Do, Kindness Begins With Me, Sing Your Way Home, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes,  Rain is Falling All Around, Make New Friends, and their favorite--Once There Was A Snowman. None of them have seen snow. This picture is of the entire student body except the kindergarten. And it is the smallest school (being set out in the country) that we have visited in Thailand.

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