Sunday, September 28, 2014

Krungsri Hotel, the Best Desserts in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Food is plentiful in Ayutthaya. Street vendors sell an extreme variety of Thai dishes--anything you are craving.

But one of our favorite places to eat in Ayutthaya is not a street vendor or street cafe. It is diner at Krungsri River Hotel. Elder Sowards claims they serve the best hamburger in Thailand. It calls his name every time we cross the bridge. The menu has a wide selection including American, Thai, Italian dishes (and probably others). The price is more than the street vendors, but is worth the extra. Besides, it has the best deserts, including the best dressed chocolate mousse (wears a cute fan and rolled cookie), the most delectable that we've found in Thailand. I admit we have returned many times to enjoy its deliciousness!

Chef Chiiwin and staff at Kringsri River Hotel
In preparation for Elder and Sister Meeker who were coming up to Ayutthaya to move our furniture back to Bangkok, we went to the Krungsri Hotel to ask that they have four chocolate mousse for us when we returned for dinner on Friday night. Usually they only keep two on display, so we wanted to order them special. Elder Sowards asked to speak with the dessert chef. The hostesses went to the kitchen to ask if he would come meet us, and he did! Chef Chiiwin told us he has worked as a dessert chef for twenty years. We complimented him on his excellent work and asked that he have the mousses ready.

So we enjoyed dinner with the Meekers--excellent food as always. But we got a great surprise when the servers brought out the mousses! Not only were they wearing their cute fans, but the chef had added edible artwork to the plate. They were not only delicious, they were more beautiful than ever.

So... when you visit Ayutthaya, think of Elder Sowards and I and how much we loved living here, and stop in at the cafe at the Krungsri River Hotel and have dinner.

Don't forget dessert. And say hello to Chef Chiiwin for us.


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