Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Last Transfer Meeting

We attended our last transfer meeting--yes, our last. Elder Sowards and I love to go to the meetings and feel the enthusiasm of the young people there. We love these elders and sisters and will miss feeling of their energy. We have full confidence that the missionary work in Thailand will go forward with full commitment from these missionaries.

Those finishing are Sisters Barton and Ng. Best wishes for your future.

 Thailand Bangkok Mission's new elders and sisters. Welcome!

Elder Mayo – Paradise, CA
Elder Paxton – UT
Elder Howard—Lehi, UT
Elder Davis – Arizona
Elder Mitchell – Payson, UT
Elder Walker – Sandy, U
Elder Evans – Boutiful, UT
Elder Bush – Maine
Elder Martindale – Logan, UT
Elder Pratt – West Valley, UT
Elder Parker – Holiday, UT
Elder Taylor – SLC, UT
Elder Reid – Washington
Elder Hinckley – Idaho
Elder Chamberlain – Sandy, UT
Sister Grover – Idaho
Sister Ong – NY
Sister Hatch – Springville, UT

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