Saturday, May 25, 2013

Buddhist Funeral

 We attended our first Buddhist Funeral. On arrival, our group knelt with the deceased's sons (one who is a member) before the casket for a photo. We were treated as honored guests. The funeral started at 6 PM and we arrived on time and stayed until 8:30 PM when it was over.

The casket was of gold leaf. The woman who was a fruit seller, will later be cremated.

Upon entering, we removed our shoes, which is the Thai custom. The funeral was in a pavillion open on two sides. Pictured: Sowards, Elder Unsworth, son of deceased, Elders Chamber, Engle, the member son of deceased, and Elder Trabing. Six more members of the Ayutthaya branch attended but were not present for the photo.

Each guest, if Buddhist, came and knelt before the memorial. After an hour and a half, four monks pictured far right came in and with the man kneeling before them did three chants or
prayers. Refreshments of soup and a sticky noodle were served between the prayers.
 These twin Buddhas greeted us as arrived at the Watt.

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