Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back to Ayutthaya

I am amazed at the members of the Ayutthaya Branch and what strong commitments they have. This picture is taken from the front door of the church. Many members come on motorbikes. Few have cars. See the motorcycle with the pink umbrella on the front? The man driving the motorbike is taking his wife and 9 year old son home. They are on a small cart attached to the front of the motorbike, sitting under the pink umbrella. The man in the blue helmet (elders' quorum president) is waiting for his wife and small child to climb on the back of the motorcycle to head home.
The truck is owned by a single sister in the ward. Several members will pile in the back for a ride home. Today she took and elder and his bike and companion somewhere to fix a tire. The branch is like one big happy family. They do a potluck after church each week--all Thai food--and then linger longer to visit. Everyone is fed well. Most members live many miles from the church and come by motorbike to attend. The sister who owns the truck lives 30 miles away.

Oh, and a lovely view of the neighborhood trash collection spot. Right out the front door of the church.

These girls are our Young Women and YW president. They are beautiful--inside and out. I can't help but love them all!

Today, Elder Sowards was sustained as the 1st counsellor in the branch presidency.  After the potluck they held a ward council. 

The sisters who had to wait for husbands and rides sat in a big circle with me. I asked about it being impolite for a woman to cross her legs in public. I often find myself crossing my legs during church. It takes effort not to, and it is so hard to change! I asked them to cross their legs with me in the circle so I could get comfortable. Some did. A few would not. They all giggled. I told them that during a typical Relief Society lesson, most women would have their legs crossed. 

They appeared amazed. 

These sweet sisters are patient with me and delight in teaching me Thai. I am willing to learn.

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  1. Joan, what a great way to establish rapport! Did you have this conversation with them in English or Thai?