Friday, July 11, 2014

A Missionary Couple's Week

Motorscooter photo of the week

We drove the elders to an investigator's home about 35 KM south. We had to cross an high arching bridge.  As we started to come down the other side, I realized the bridge ended at the bottom. The family parks their cars on the down side of the bridge. Glad I was going slow.

At that meeting Elder Kittavong, from Laos, did a super job addressing the investigator’s fears about being a Buddhist converting to Christianity. Having done so himself he answers the concerns better than we Americans can.

We had a wonderful 4th of July celebration with the Senior couples in Bangkok at a hamburger dinner held at the home of President and Sister Senior. The burgers were real hand made patties and tasted like hamburgers. A rarity here. Afterwards we all shared thoughts about our grand country and its inspired founding fathers.

Goats at the Catholic church.

The bridge that goes nowhere

Elder Larsen at the end of the bridge.
Boardwalks leading from the road to a house, such as this,
are very common, and shaky to walk on.

Saturday our branch took over 1000 pictures of gravestones in a soon-to-be-destroyed Chinese cemetery. We uploaded the photos to for indexing in the future.

Sunday I read the releasing of all the district clerks, secretaries, and high council, and then read in the sustaining of the stake similar callings. This is always a challenge to pronounce the Thai names correctly. President Sathit said the Branch President had to do it as authorized to represent the stake presidency, otherwise I would have delegated it. I am sure I said a few names wrong but they were not there to be unhappy with me.

Because we have several (5) English speaking members in the Branch, we started an English Adult Sunday School class. Joan taught the first lesson about Psalms and did super.

Happy birthday, America. And everyone who lives there, have a nice week.

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