Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pioneer Day in Ayutthaya

Our youth activity this week was "Pioneer Day."

Elder Larsen started the program by explaining Pioneer Day as celebrated in Utah. He also told a story of his great-great grandmother crossing the plains. She was cooking breakfast when some Native Americans walked into her camp. She remembered Brigham Young telling the saints to be kind to the Indians and not fight them, so she offered them breakfast. They sat down and ate. Upon leaving, they told her that before they came into camp they had planned to kill her, but because of her kindness, they changed their mind. It was a confirmation to her to always follow the prophet's counsel.

Elder and Sister Meeker stayed to be part of our activity. Sister Meeker told about the crickets that came to eat the pioneer's crops in Salt Lake valley. Her great grandmother's family was without food during that time. They prayed for food. While walking along a road, a man came up to her and gave her a bag of food. He told her the Spirit had told him to take the food and give it to the first person he saw. She was very grateful to have their prayers answered by someone who listened to the Spirit.

All members in Thailand are pioneers because they are the first, and usually the only members of the church in their family. They must be brave and endure the hardships that come from being a pioneer.

We made biscuits and our own butter out of cream as we listened to the stories. Thanks to Sister Meeker's help, they both turned out delicious.

We even danced the Virginia Reel. I had worried how dancing would be accepted by our youth, but they learned quickly and seemed to enjoy it a lot. Some even said it was one of the best activities we've had.
Proud of the biscuits we made

Mmmm... And the butter

True pioneers

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