Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tom Sowards Visits

Dennis' brother Tommy came for a visit, arriving on Thursday just in time to celebrate Pioneer Day at the church offices. He brought gifts from the family, which we appreciate. We tried to turn him into a missionary while he was here by going to bed early, doing home teaching, cleaning the church house, helping to record the Chinese cemetery, helping teach our English class and youth activity.

Fish foot therapy
Tommy and Dennis at the Chinese cemetery

On Sunday Tom enjoyed our wonderful sacrament meeting and heard the primary sing the special number – The Holy Ghost. He enjoyed the Thai potluck lunch after church. Real Thai food.

We took him to see the giant Buddha at the nearby watt, the ruins of Thai temples in Ayutthaya, and the outdoor markets where he sampled real Thai food and saw elephants walking the streets. He sat for 20 minutes and let fish eat the calluses of his feet, and then was treated to the best chocolate mousse in Thailand. 
Goats returning home after a long day of entertaining tourists

We contributed to his game repertoire by teaching him to play Rummikub and Take Two. Ah, Tom! We will miss you.

We ate Mexican food at Que Pasa in Bagkok.  See 

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