Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Week--by Elder Sowards

It was a busy week for us that included our 2nd trip to Ayutthaya. The branch had 2 baptism this Sunday so it was fun to be there. 

One member, a boy in Ayutthaya, broke his leg 2 weeks ago in a motorcycle accident.  After 3 days in the hospital and several pins put in the leg to hold it, he went home. A few days later he fell down and shattered the pins. Back to the hospital again and they pieced it together. We visited him on Sat. night.

We didn't take the moving sweat box (aka train) home from Ayutthaya this time. We rode shuttles both ways. The price difference is $10 by air conditioned shuttle that takes an hour or 67 cents by train that takes 2+ hours in the sauna. We stayed over night at a Thai hotel that was very picturesque. The bed (king size) had a bottom sheet and for top sheets we were given two sheets the size of a beach towel. At least we had hot water in the shower.

We are making progress. The office fixed our apartment hot water heaters in both bathrooms – we finally can take a hot showers.

Joan is working on writing a song on the Book of Mormon – in Thai. It is a challenge for her, impossible for me. It is part of an effort to get the members to read/reread the Book of Mormon by Christmas as a gift to the Savior.

We taught English Tuesday night. We teach an intermediate class of about 20 students. We teach conversational (American) English.

Last of all we bought an iPhone Monday. We have one non-smart phone provided by the mission, but since we may not always be together (couples can split off to do what needs be done) we felt we needed a 2nd phone. Joan will mostly use the iPhone and I get the beast.

 elder sowards

P.S. What apps have you found most valuable for the iPhone?
Pictured l-r: The Goodsons (a senior couple who arrived in Thailand the same time we did) Mission president and wife (the Seniors) and Elder and Sister Sowards.


  1. I think this is so great that you are able to serve in building up the kingdom this way. It's also very cool that you can share your experiences in this blog. Keep up the good work! Mindi

  2. Our first month has been filled with adventure and surprises. It's been a lot of fun. Thank you, Mindi, for visiting!