Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Mission Call!

Sister Ged of the Ayutthaya Branch received a mission call today to the Australia Sydney, English speaking mission. We are so happy for her. She is one of the most beautiful people I know (inside and out). She will be an awesome missionary.

She submitted her mission papers even before Elder Sowards and I were assigned to Ayutthaya three months ago, and it has taken all this time to receive the call. The envelope arrived at the mission office yesterday, so we brought it to her today. Word spread over night and many branch members came to the church house to be here when she opened the call. It was a happy occasion for all.

Sister Ged has been teaching me Thai and now I get to help her improve her English. Traditionally most Thai members are called to serve in Thailand, so we didn't expect she would go foreign. This is a great opportunity for her, and when she returns, she will be a great asset to the church here--even more than the tremendous strength she is now. 

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