Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Devotionals and Doctors

A busy week as usual. Last Monday I taught the devotional for the service center on organizing one's work using the 5's. The presentation went well, many said they needed to apply it.  

So that you understand the service center, it includes the couple missionaries who do humanitarian, family history, employment work, the mission office couple, and all the full time members (Thais) who do church administrative work – run the distribution center, facilities maintenance, transportation (two mission vans and one service center van), contracts for leased church buildings (churches and missionaries' apartments), acquiring new church buildings, the translation department plus administration for these positions, accounting, hiring and payroll. There are about 20 plus people plus 4 couples.   

Joan presented her devotional today (Monday). It went great. She shared some family history stories and the importance of keeping a journal and writing a family history. 

We went to the doctor – all doctors have their offices at the hospital so we went to the hospital. Joan had some tests done, then the doctor suggested we see another doctor. We thought we'd make another appointment and come back another day, but the nurse walked us over to the other doctor's office. We then assumed we would have to wait forever not having an appointment, but we were there for about 10 minutes before they saw Joan. All tests results came out fine. We were at the hospital about 3 hours total, had
This three-man ensemble played for those waiting to
check out at cashier at the hospital. Nice.
excellent service and checked out quickly, too. They renewed a prescription and gave it to her at checkout. It came in a nice cloth bag. All this cost us about $200 [and the efficiency we experienced would have never happened in the US.] This is a world-class hospital, too.

We have found a house in Ayutthaya. It is two stories with 3 bedrooms. The owner is installing a kitchen for us (since Thai houses don't have kitchens indoors). Hopefully we move in on July 25th. The move will save lots of travel time.

On Wed. night I went to my first district branch president's training meeting. I have been to many similar ones as a bishop. This were very similar where they shared all the things we need to do to follow the "Work of Salvation" plans and instruction. It is very good but a bit challenging. 

Our trip to Ayutthaya this week was otherwise normal--no snakes. We can't wait to not have to make the drive every week.

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