Sunday, July 21, 2013

On the Bangkok--Ayutthaya Highway

 Ayutthaya is famous for their "roti" treats. It is like a stringy cotton candy eaten on a tortilla type flat bread. They are sold everywhere in these small vender booths--even at the side of the freeway. Just pull your car onto the shoulder and stop for a treat. The filling comes in multi colors as you see in the colorful bags in the photo above. Roti is very delicious.

This two-story high face is eery looking. It is the face of UltraMan, a cartoon character. He greets you at the entrance to a defunct toy factory. You can find it on Highway 32 several kilometers south of Ayutthaya.

We had dramatic skies on the way back to
Bangkok tonight. These are pretty much the same clouds a minute apart. I've got them out of order--the last on the top. The photos don't do Mother Nature's artwork justice. "God's light" streamed from the clouds to earth. You can still see a little of it in the photo below.

 We were blessed with a baptism of a teenage young man today in the branch today.

Maybe we will move into our house this weekend. The kitchen and air conditioners are to be installed, but it is Buddhist holidays Monday and Tuesday, so we doubt much will be done.

Have a happy Asamha Puja Day and Buddhist Lent Day!

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