Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sister Marvel's Marvelous Garden

Fun sign. 

 We pass this sign every Saturday in Ayutthaya.
Thought you might find humor in it.

I never could grow a garden successfully in AZ, but I'm almost convinced I could grow one here in Thailand.
Elder and Sister Marvel are full time missionaries with many assignments including promoting Self-reliance and directing PEF. They are live-off-the-land kind of people--and organic enthusiasts. Sister Marvel set out to prove that even in the big city, we can still be self reliant.

So, here in the center of Bangkok, in the backyard of the Church office building is this beautiful garden. Sister Marvel made the compost herself (along with Mother Nature) from the food scraps she collected from the many food vendors on Asoke (street). She teaches classes on how to have a garden on your patio, balcony, or small spot in the yard. She makes growing food look so simple. She has done it all herself.

There are many plants/vegetables growing--basil, cucumber, onion, potato, carrots --Hmm. I thought I would remember them all. But alas.

Just goes to show what you can grow in a small space.

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