Monday, October 14, 2013

A Week Late, but Uplifting

Members gather to hear
conference in Thai

RS pres showing her good mood.

Our youth love being together.
Yes, a week later than the rest of the you, Thailand watched conference on Saturday and Sunday--( The translation department in Bangkok works fast and furiously to complete the translations in a week so that the wards and branches do not have to wait to hear it.)

Elders Watkins, Unsworth, Sowards, Omer, and Smith celebrating
the Sowards' after-Priesthood-meeting DQ tradition

We watched Sat. morning's sessions from 10 to noon, and 1 PM to 3, and then the priesthood session from 3:30 to 5:30 PM. We showed the translated general Relief Society meeting at the same time we did the priesthood broadcast. So we had 6 hours of conference in a 7.5 hours span! 

On Sunday we showed sessions at 10 and 1 PM. Between the two general sessions on both days, the members provided a potluck lunch. Joan and I contributed strawberry Jell-O with bananas, and did it go fast. 

I missed going to DQ with our sons (as it is our tradition after Priesthood meeting.) There are two DQ’s in Ayutthaya but the full-time missionaries were busy after the sessions. We took them on Monday to make up for it. 

-E. Sowards

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