Thursday, October 24, 2013

Treasures in My Garden

#6 Lady who gets up late. Please translate into Americanese? 

Please help me identify these flowers and plants in my garden. I wish I would have taken my mother's tutoring in gardening seriously, for she knew all the flowers' names. Alas.

These posted actually represent only a few we have growing in our yard.

Could I grow much in Arizona? No. Only plants that loved heat, and could take care of themselves. But here in Thailand, flowers are plentiful.

#1 small coral flowers
#2 elephant ear size leaves, 2 1/2 feet tall. It must have a better name than Elephant Ears.

The bananas don't grow in my yard but hang over the wall. I've watched them for three months now, wondering if it is my right to pick them. They tell me there is a right way to pick bananas.

This lovely waterlily grows on my front porch, a gift from members of our branch who worked on our lawn while we went to the USA.

 The interesting thing about waterlilies is while one blooms, there is another bud waiting underwater to rise up and blossom when the first one dies. Each blossom has one day of glory in the sun.

#3 This pretty orange blossom is another the members planted in our absence. So lovely. They are coming to the end of their season.

#4 Looks familiar. I should know him. Didn't
he once grow in my house in Mesa?

#5 a bugle 

#6 Orchid, Thailand is famous for them.

These papaya grow in the front year. I've got to find a ladder to pick them. There were two
papaya trees, but one fell in a storm last week.

These orchids grow in hanging pots-- the members brought.
#7 are not snapdragons. The Thais call the blue haway. (Blue Hawaii?--but they
don't have five petals.)

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