Sunday, October 20, 2013

Transfer Meeting

While gathering before the meeting, Elders and Sisters show their copies of the Book of Mormon. 
Elders and Sisters sing "Love is Spoken Here" in a special number.

Transfer meeting is always fun and filled with great energy. We said goodbye to Elder Unsworth whose new assignment is district leader and branch president in a small branch (I will post location), and Elder Omer who is now a trainer in Sisaket.

The new Elders to replace them in Ayutthaya are Elders Gibbons and Winsor. Welcome Elders!

Sister Senior always gives inspiring messages.

Elder Bartling accompanies "Called To Serve"--on steroids. I've never heard the sung as fast as these missionaries sing it. And in Thai, what a tongue-twister!

Finishing and going home! (Jobers) Our heroes: Elders Xayavong, Hansen, Tzanis, Appleyard, Susi. Sisters Nuon, Wannapong, Carter, Wiganda, and Pannida. Not pictured is Sister Zatarain who will not  leave yet but before our next transfer. Our office secretary and manager Elder and Sister Jones (Meridian, ID) will also leave before then. So sorry to see them all go!

I love this picture of the bikes parked along the building. It is symbolic of dedication, sacrifice, and the energy of our missionaries. No cars in the mission.

Below: President Senior introduces Elder Appleyard's and Sister Pannida's parents who have come to escort their son and daughter home after serving an honorable mission.

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