Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Week's Youth Activity--Mini Golf Through the Plan of Salvation

 You can count on one hand the number of miniature golf courses in Thailand, but last Saturday, our small church house hosted one of the most unique.

Each hole represented part of the plan of salvation.

The first hole represented pre-mortal life and ended with the person receiving a body (a golf ball). 

The next hole one had to hit the ball between water bottles, each labeled with a worldly temptation – tobacco, drugs, immodest dress, etc. The players had to hit the ball straight to avoid the bottles. 

Then came the Valley of Death - hit the ball down a dark tunnel and lose the ball (death). 

Paradise – enjoying cookies and milk while learning that we need our Savior and his atonement to get our body (the ball) back. (Resurrection)
Cookies and milk while learning about
the atonement

The 4th floor--Judgment and the Celestial Kingdom. 

The activity was fun, and indoors as it rained hard while we played. We only had one club, a 6 iron that we borrowed from a local driving range. (The generous  owner loaned it to us without even asking our names.) 

Discussion on what we learned.

At the end of the game the missionaries led a discussion about the plan of salvation – fun gospel lesson. We had two investigators attend. 

Sister Sowards made fudgesicles as the treat. Everyone loved those, too. -E. Sowards

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