Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Investigators and Bananas

We helped the elders teach an investigator a second and third discussion last Tuesday and yesterday. We currently have 12 investigators, three with baptismal dates. Sitting in on discussions is always a wonderful experience, and this young woman asked very thoughtful questions about the plan of salvation. She has a humble, open-minded spirit about her, too.
View of Ayutthaya through the rice fields.

Another woman brought her family to our English class on Tuesday and asked for a Book of Mormon. She said when the elders came tracting to her house earlier this week, the family invited them in to hear their message and she felt a special spirit and wanted to know more. This family will be a great addition to our branch.

We have a few youth investigators who come to activities and church, too. We must not rush youth, for if they join the church alone--without other family members--they easily get lost. We love each of these young people and try to nurture them so they will develop strong foundations in the gospel.

On the lighter side. We cut down half of the bunch of bananas from the tree that hangs over our back fence, leaving the other half to ripen and to cut after we had eaten the first batch. They stay green on the tree and then ripen after picking. Even that first half of the bunch were too many for two of us to eat before they became too ripe.

Bananas before the first picking. We took the small
bunch at the bottom.

The day after the picking, we noticed the second half of the bunch was gone from the tree. We wondered about it, but since the tree grew on the property behind us, we figured the owner had harvested the last of the bananas.

Then on Sunday our next door neighbor brought us bananas--bright yellow and ripe, and told us they were from our yard. (We keep our gate locked. Scratching head in wonder here.) We aren’t sure if they saw us pick the first  bunch and felt sorry for us that we didn’t know how to pick the whole bunch, or what. We know they meant well and are caring neighbors.

We are looking forward to having Thanksgiving with our elders. Happy month-of-gratitute to all!

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