Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving came to Thailand

Thanksgiving came to Ayutthaya hours before the United States was shoving turkeys into ovens.

We had fourteen gathered at the church for our turkey feast--two Thais and twelve Americans. Besides eight elders, the McGeorges joined us. Dale is from California. His wife is from Thailand. Elder Wilamat is also native here.

Our group of great elders include Elders Wilamat, Gibbons, Schmitz, Cutler, Winsor, Wheeler, and Smith as pictured here. Elder Watkins was very much under the weather and snoozing close by. (Elders Wilamat, Schimitz, Cutler and Wheeler serve in Lopuri.)

To prepare dinner, we used our new oven for the first time. I made my traditional pecan pie for Elder Sowards, and it volunteered to bake first. Since I had no idea what all the settings meant, and since the instruction manual was in Thai with very little explanation in English, the poor pie baked on broil for 40 minutes. So actually, we had a charred pecan pie!

But I finally figured out the settings, and the pumpkin pie turned out quite nice. We put the turkey in the oven at 6 AM and it was done by 10:30 AM and turned out delicious. Today I am thankful for many blessings, and having an oven is one of them. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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