Sunday, November 24, 2013

Scripture Chase Basketball

Our youth activity this week was a real page turner.

 Elder Winsor explained how to use the index to find where stories are in the Book of Mormon.

The Elders took turns telling stories and showing the corresponding pictures from the "Gospel Art Book."

Each person on two teams had to open their own copy to the story and then raise his/her hand. The first team with all members' hands raised got to shoot the basketball. If the ball made it through the tiny hoop they scored 5 points, if it landed in the bucket, they received 2 points. If they missed both, they received 0 points.
Even though they look bored, they had to keep alert.

Team members could help each other. And since we had younger siblings and investigators, they had to work together to win.

The youth had three shots to make the basket on their turn. Score or not, we moved on to the next story to keep the game moving.

Below is a picture of Nat almost scoring.

  Amazingly, after telling 20 stories, the two teams had tied! No better way to end a friendly game of  scripture-chase basketball!

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