Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ayutthaya Branch is Changing Locations

We hope to move church house locations this week. The branch has met in our current rental for at least 10 years and is on a side street with little visibility. Our new location is still a rental, but on a major road and is a newer building. We are hoping the move will help our small branch grow and bring us closer to having a church-built chapel. It is a better location for public transportation and for our English class.

The construction crew has worked on our building for several weeks, constructing a baptismal font, putting in walls and room dividers, preparing the kitchen hookups, and installing the backdrop for a chapel podium.

Elder Crump taking a break from his busy missionary schedule
We announced to meet at the newer location this Sunday, and hope the construction crew will move out by then! A baptism is scheduled for the brand-new baptismal font, too. Our current
location has served us well with good neighbors, and security personnel.  Our members have mixed emotions about leaving but we are all excited about the change.

A formal open house is scheduled for Saturday, March 8.

Editor's note: As all good news is subject to change, it has been decided to allow the contractor one more week to finish his work. We will begin meeting at the new location in February. Looking forward to it!

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