Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Funny Story about Communication

by Elder Sowards

While cleaning the church, a 9-year-old recently-baptized boy asked if he could help. I gave him a garbage bag that already had some trash in it, and in what I thought was my best Thai, asked him to go to the 3rd floor to empty the wastebaskets from the two bathrooms into the bag. 

Or that is what I thought I said. He went and returned about 10 minutes later, handing me an empty garbage bag. I thanked him, and then, when he was sweeping the rooms on the 4th floor, I went to the 3rd floor and found the two wastebaskets overflowing with the trash that had been in the bag. No trash was on the floor, just distributed to the two wastebaskets. I collected the trash and took it outside to the big trash barrels. 

I will have to work on my instructions.

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