Friday, January 31, 2014

Former Thailand Mission President Smith Visits

President and Sister Mike and Janice Smith visited Thailand last week, touring the country, and visiting many members.The Smiths are from Mesa and Mike served in Thailand cir. 1970 at the same time as Elder Sowards. 
In the true Thai tradition of taking a group photo at every event, this photo is at a luncheon at the service center honoring the Smiths before they returned to America. Front row Sister Goodson (Humanitarian Services) Sister and President Senior, Mike and Janice Smith, Sister Sowards. 2nd row: Service Center staff, Ronny (Translation), Pae (Seminary and Institute), Supreeda (Service Center Sec), Pay (Translation), Elder Smith (Office), Wannee (Facilities), Wan (Accountant), Elder Casper (Office), Noy (Service Center Facility). Bro. Poonsak (Finance & Records), Elder Keller (Office), Elder and Sister Marvel (ERC, PEF), Bro. KC/Arm (Distribution Center), Bro Narin (Mission Admin), Bishop Arun (Seminary Country Director), Elder Meeker (Finance Sec), Elder Sowards (Ayutthaya BP), Bro. Jongsathid (Tech Support), Pres. Wisan (Thailand Service Center Manager).

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