Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sister Missionaries Delight Ayutthaya

 We invited Sisters McDermott (NV) and Croft (UT) who serve in Changwattana to be our guests at Ayutthaya Branch's youth activity. They spoke on being sister missionaries and how they decided to serve a mission. Since Ayutthaya hasn't had sister missionaries in who-knows-how-long, we thought it would be fun.

Of course our own hard-working Ayutthaya elders were in attendance. They teamed up with the sisters and sang "I Hope They Call Me On a Mission" in Thai. Everyone was invited to sing along. Sister McDermott accompanied on the harmonica.
Elder Sowards led a panel discussion on missionary life. We learned that some of these diligent sister and elders have sweethearts at home waiting for their return. We also learned that most of them like chocolate. What did they wish they would have brought from the states? -American chocolate and bicycle repair tools were among the answers. How did you prepare for a mission? -attended church, read scriptures, kept commandments, daily prayer, broke ties with girlfriends.  Where had they hoped to serve before receiving their call? -"anywhere I didn't have to learn a language." (ha, ha!) Australia, Brazil, but no one said Thailand.

Every youth received their own missionary name tag.

Our closing activity included:
 -Learning to tie a necktie. (I have to chuckle about Thais tying ties. Thank you Noy from the service center for sending the bag of elders' abandoned ties.)
 -Looking up and reading D&C 4.
(I quoted from memory. Pretty good for an old gal!)
 -Giving an effective door approach. No, these elders do not live in the closet.

We also wrote letters home--actually, they were fill-in-the-blanks, but fun.

Sister McDermott played the violin as Sister Croft accompanied us singing "To Bring the World His Truth" in closing.  Then we ate homemade pudding in mini-cups. Ah! a taste of home.

As soon as the activity ended we whisked away our lovely visitors so they could catch transportation back to Changwattana for an early evening investigator discussion.

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  1. What a great activity! Looks like everyone loved it!