Sunday, June 15, 2014

A New Stake In Thailand!

Past stake presidents with Asia Area Presidency
On Sunday, June 15, 2014, our Ayutthaya Branch became part of the second stake in Thailand was formed from the Bangkok North District--the Thailand Bangkok North Stake. President Sathid will continue as stake president.

The conference was held at the Watergate Hotel in Bangkok in one of their largest conference rooms, but so many people in attendance that the room could not hold all who came. A new district, the Bangkok West, was also formed. The work in Thailand is going forward and the Church is growing!

This photo above from left to right:
Mission president, President David Senior, area President Elder Wilson, Brother and Sister Tip--the first stake president of Thailand, Elder and Sister Konakham an area 70 and second stake president in Thailand, the current stake president Sarawuth Kanyaphan of the Bangkok Stake and wife,  Asia area President Elder Gong, Asian area President Elder Woo.
Pictured right above: the new Stake Presidency for the Bangkok North Thailand Stake (seated center) President Sathit Kaivalvatana, and standing at each side is President Natthapol Lattisophonkul, first counselor and President Narin Yantaphan, second counselor.

Pictured right: Ayutthaya Branch on the bus,  to the conference. Early this morning, it poured rain in Ayutthaya. All of our members had to come by motorcycle or duk duk to the church to catch the bus to Bangkok. But they came! What faith these members have. Most were soaking wet when they arrived. Usually when it rains, Thai people stay home because their only transportation is by motorcycle. Look how happy they are to be together and on their way to hear representatives of the Lord speak.


  1. I love hearing about the growth of the Church in Thailand. I was a missionary in Thailand in 82-83 and we only had one building. As the Financial Secretary; I remember cutting a check to buy the land for the 2nd in Bangkhen. Now I have lost track of how many buildings are there.

    The numbers of baptisms now was unheard of when I was a missionary!

    Now another Stake, another district, a General Authority. Soon, a Temple!

    1. There are still under ten (at the most) Church owned buildings in Thailand, Most are rented units.

      So looking forward to a temple in Thailand!

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