Friday, June 20, 2014

Motorcycle Safety (or the lack of it)

Thailand has motorcycle laws. Each rider must wear a helmet, and no more than two on the bike. The laws are observed by only half the riders (at least outside of Bangkok).

I cringe every time I see a baby on board.

The motor scooter is the major mode of "family" transportation. Parents pick their child up from school. Many think they are only going a short distance, so why wear a helmet? The whole year we have lived here, I have not heard nor seen any type of campaign to improve motorcycle safety for children. Motorcycle accidents are a leading cause of death for children in Thailand, 2nd only to drowning.

Family transportation.
This woman is holding a cellphone, not the child.

Going at a high speed.

Waiting at a light, but the child stood the whole ride.

At least the adult in the rear is holding the child.

Standing on the runner is a favorite way to ride.

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