Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why is Sunday the Craziest Day of the Week?

Saturday night, everything was set for a smooth-running Sunday. I felt calm about what would happen this during the day. Just as I went to bed, a voice whispered that this was the calm before the storm. I wish that voice would have told me more!

It was a crazy Sunday. It stared early with a text message from the district executive secretary that we were to have all the auxiliary secretaries along with the branch clerk and branch president/counselor attend a meeting in Bangkok at 3 PM. I knew the clerk was to attend, but no one else. I asked the others at church if they could attend. This changed their day’s plans and mine too, since the counselor could not go, I needed to.

I had asked four people to speak in Sacrament Meeting. I usually only ask three but had asked four thinking two might give short talks. All four gave short talks even though two of them have been members for years and have been to the temple. We then asked two visitors to speak: one is a former member of the branch back visiting and the other a district family history leader. They still left time, so I spoke for about 7 minutes. We had asked a youth to play "Walk in the Light" on her violin, but she had to leave early due to illness. So we sang the song as a congregational hymn.

Elephant walking past church. The street is still not finished.
The parents of the ill sister were to lead a fireside on family history after church. We had to cancel that meeting. After church the clerk and 3 secretaries (Relief Society, Primary and Young Women’s) all loaded into our car and we drove to Bangkok for the training. We arrived back at the church late, so we drove one of the sisters home since there was no public transportation going her way. By the time we got home, our gas gage read empty.

An elephant walked in front of the church one day this week. I guess it was just out for an evening stroll, or on its way home from work. There are elephants in the city at the tourist park but not usually by our house or the church. The tourist park is not just for foreigners but many Thais go there to ride the elephants too.
Nativity puppets made by youth

The sister we took to the hospital last Sunday was in there all week. She is doing better but not great. I wish I could take pictures to show what this hospital looks like. Joan has said to not take her there if the need arises.

Brownies after YA FHE
The youth activity this Saturday was making a nativity set of hand puppets for the primary. When finished the youth sang the “The Nativity Song” and displayed their puppet at the right verse.  We showed the video "Luke 2" and ate Christmas cookies – it was Christmas in June.

Monday night we hosted the YSA monthly family home evening with six in attendance. Joan taught about spiritual crocodiles. I made brownies. They members all said they loved the brownies and want me to teach them how to make brownies. I didn’t tell them it was a mix.

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