Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Great Week--Better Late than Never

by Elder Sowards

I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Thai. What a great blessing to read it in another language! When I was a young missionary, I dreamed of reading it in Thai but it was not translated yet. I loved reading it this time and felt the same spirit I feel when reading it in English.

Joan taught the second music theory class Friday evening. Some of the members are catching on to the basic ideas.
We home taught several members who live way out of town. I am glad we have a car. It would be a real challenging to go visit these people and even more to get back home if we used local transportation. We have to go in the evenings after the members have finished work and local transportation is scarce at that time.

Our youth activity included making box scripture covers out of plastic fiberboard and covering them with gospel art. The covers are good to protect the books from the rain. They turned out great. 
The fried seaweed aisle at the grocery store.
E. Sowards is deciding which brand to buy for youth activity.

John Slaughter (formerly Elder Slaughter, who served here a few months ago) came into town with his father and mother. Together, we took a boat trip around the island city of Ayutthaya. It was interesting to see the community from a different view. I enjoyed seeing it when not driving and watching out for crazy drivers.

This week I probably set the record for the most non-medical welfare assistance for one branch in one week (in Thailand). It seems many saints are having hard times. I try to help them over the crises and to see that the pathway forward is the Lord’s way of paying tithing in faith and coming to church on Sundays and not working on the Sabbath.
Market in Ayutthaya

We went shopping to find felt to make nativity puppets for the Primary--but no felt to find in Ayutthaya. We always enjoy going to these unique marketplaces that are so traditional Thai. This particular one covers a city block and seems to go on forever.

We love serving in Thailand. Each day brings new experiences. The people of Thailand are friendly and helpful. The members of the Ayutthaya Branch are some of the finest Saints you'll find anywhere.

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