Sunday, August 10, 2014

Branch Karaoke Day

The youth did their routine to
"Singing in the Rain."
 Thai people love to sing--and what a fun day this was! Our members loosened up and let their personalities and talents show.
The elder's quorum president had a
 great backup to his excellent

Sutaab and Boonlerd
surprise us with a dance.
Our Karaoke day was a lot of fun. All who attended participated. There were a lot of surprises, too. All the songs were in Thai. Elder Sowards, who never sings solo in public, sang "Longer Than" in English. I joined him on the chorus.
Sunday School Pres. chooses a Thai favorite

The young adults looked like Peter, Paul and Mary.
The hats added a fun touch.

Another singles group. The umbrellas added color.

Elder Larsen introduces Brother Shaw's song "In the Beginning." B. Shaw has a great voice.

Sister Phon won
best female singer award
Brother Shaw wows us with his
 My observation is that Thai music is beloved by the general public. There doesn't seem to be the division between music types as there is in America. Everyone seems to know all the songs, and Thais love to sing.

In our time here, except for hymns, I've never heard an American song sung in Thai. They have their own songs. Their language doesn't translate well to our music. It loses the tones, where in their music they incorporate the tones into the melody. They all know do-re-mi and use that instead of a-b-c-d-e-f-g. They use half-tones, too. The more modern music fits closer to our 8 tone scale, but the traditional is very distinctly their own.

We celebrated birthdays of Sister Pat, Brother Junmong,
and Brother Oom (not in picture)  

The YW sing their hearts out.

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