Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We're Half-way Through August Already

Time goes fast!

by Elder Sowards

I took the two elders to a service project on Tuesday. We did yard work in the hot sun. A member helping with the project found a millipede and cut it’s head off so it wouldn't bite anyone. The missionaries took pictures of holding and playing with it. I am sure their mothers will be concerned when they see the pictures.

Thursday night we attended a farewell dinner at President Senior's home for two couples finishing their missions, the Saengsuwans and the Mannings  and to welcome for the Smiths who just arrived. Joan made pecan pie and I made blueberry fruit crunch.
Farewell dinner for Mannings and Saengsuwans.
Welcome to the Smiths.

We attended and Joan performed at the Family Values Award program. (Previous blog.) We also attended a fireside afterward. Caitlyn Meyer who acted in the movie "17 Miracles" was the speaker. She is a very good speaker. 

Mannings and Sowards
Too bad most of our YSA cannot attend firesides like this because they live over an hour away and work late on Saturday to be able to make the start time. Also the firesides end late in the evening when public transportation, especially in Ayutthaya, is scarce. Sometimes we bring some of them but we can only take two and this day we had to be there earlier in the day for the awards program.
The Mannings organized the Family Values Award program. They will head to Hong Kong on Tuesday for the Public Affairs training. From there they will return home to the USA, having finished their mission.  They will be missed here in Thailand. And we will miss them for they have become good friends of ours.

Sunday was another long and interesting day. We had three great speakers in Sacrament meeting. I spent much of the rest of the day in interviews with members and with the branch council meeting. All of the sudden I realized it was past 4 PM and I had not eaten or drank anything since breakfast. And it wasn’t fast Sunday! We returned home after 5 PM and lunch/dinner was a peanut butter sandwich – it tasted great.

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