Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome Elder Angkham

Ayutthaya has received a new elder, replacing Elder Kittavong. Welcome Elder Angkham, who is also from Laos. There is only one branch in Laos, but they manage to produce many missionaries who serve in Thailand.

At the transfer meeting on Thursday, one of the two elders serving in Myanmar (Burma) finished his mission. The new elder called to go is Elder Jordan Smith who served in Ayutthaya last fall. He has studied Burmese and is so excited to go.
Ayutthaya Elders Larsen and Angkham

After the transfer meeting, we ate lunch with the Browns and Stockers at Que Pasa. Elder Brown served as a missionary right after Dennis. (1971) He and his wife been in-country as MLS missionaries now for about 6 months. Elder Stocker served with me overlapping about 5 months. The Stockers (also MLS, assigned to Roi-et) just arrived this week. We had a good time re-meeting each other. The restaurant was filled with young elders and sisters by the time we left. The owners must love transfer days!

On Sunday one of the few Americans serving on the High Council, spoke in the branch. Elder Sowards translated for him. It was easier than most translations because he had sent the main part of his talk before so Dennis prepare the words he might use. Because it is Mother’s Day (the whole weekend) many of our members who live away from home, went to see their mothers. We only had 55 at church.  We are shooting for 80.

We decided to show the CES broadcast with Elder Ballard last May, at our YA FHE. Hopefully, you all have heard his talk. For the rest, please go to https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/archive/ces-devotionals/2014/01?lang=eng and listen or read the talk "Be Still, and Know That I Am God." It applies to all of us. 

Because it is a holiday weekend and it rained hard in the late afternoon only three showed up for FHE. We changed the lesson last minute, (but still go read the talk.) We had a good evening and the small group allowed us to talk more with one sister who is a new member. She is having problems with her family not accepting her joining the church--a common hurdle for many members here. The advice we and the others gave her is to live the teachings of the church and her family will see her good works. We will pray and fast for her.

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