Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Mothers' Day!

Today (Tuesday) is the queen's birthday, so it is Mothers' Day in Thailand. We have been partying since Friday (as my earlier posts tell.) Every school had a celebration on Friday. The schools are out through Tuesday. But today is the official day, so our thoughts turn to our own mothers who have passed away, Margaret Kleinman Lisonbee and Donna Gylling Sowards, both great women in their own right.

Sunday, we celebrated after church. The youth and others made felt flowers, another sister made corsages, we had cake, and singing from the youth. Other than the firecrackers set off throughout the city (firecrackers are part of every holiday) it is a peaceful, respectful celebration.
Singing to the mothers

Youth sing the traditional Thai Mothers' Day song

We love these youth, and they each knew the song by heart.

I have to admit I miss hearing "Mother Dear, I Love You So" and "I Often Go Walking" but I'm sure I'll hear them for many years to come.

Happy birthday to the queen of Thailand. Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers around the world.

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