Tuesday, April 23, 2013

English Class

Last night we had our first experience teaching English. Every Tuesday night at almost every LDS chapel in Thailand, English is taught. Last week we attended as only observers and led a simple game.

Elder Sowards and I taught the intermediate class of about 20 students. There is also a beginning class and an advanced class of the same number. All ages attend. Outside the fence surrounding the chapel is a banner announcing free English classes.

Some students in attendance were Wee, Um, Bee, Nich, Or, Bun--to mention a few. All had had some English in school. Our lessons focus on conversational English. We taught how to make the sound of "th"--which they don't have in Thai. "Stick out your tongue," I'd say. Most did very well. We also went over a, an, and the. The focus of the lesson was "emotions." We showed "After Today Live" and asked them to list all the emotions portrayed in the short film. Fun.

I love their smiles and how they giggle when I try to speak Thai. We are both learning.

Next week's lesson: Body Parts. :-) 

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