Thursday, April 11, 2013


Our first transfer meeting was incredible. Approximately 80% of the missionaries of the Thailand Bangkok mission were in attendance, along with our 34 stripling warriors from the MTCs (Provo and the Philippines) pictured in my last post.

Pictured here are 19 elders and sisters going home--the Cobbers. The sister in the blue skirt on the front row will return to Laos. Most others will return to the States and several are from Thailand.

Cob (with a low tone and pronounced jobe) in the Thai language means to finish. Somehow cob came into use for those who had finished their mission service and thus going home--and the English ending of "er" was added to make it a noun. So these excellent "Jobers" or cobbers were honored today at our conference.

It was fun to watch the staying elders and sister meet their new companions. Each companionship hugged and welcomed each other. All smiles and tears. Beautiful young sisters and handsome young elders from all over introduced themselves in Thai. I wish them all choog dii, or good luck.

Elder Sowards and I have been assigned to Bangkok for several more weeks. President Senior has a great vision of what the Church in Thailand can build to and become. The goal is to reactivate and create stakes so that Thailand can have a Temple in the near future. What a boost this would be to the Church in Thailand. Hopefully we can be an instrument along with 132+ other full time missionaries and Thai members to bring this to pass.

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