Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ayutthaya Baptism

Ayutthaya Branch
Today we had two baptisms in Ayutthaya. The two women dressed in white in the center of the 2nd row from top, holding the flowers, are our newest members. Included are some members of the branch. What a great group of Saints. They are beautiful people. Top row center Elders Trabing,  Engle (in white), a friend who baptized one of the ladies, Elders Chambers and Christiansen. A potluck lunch followed.


  1. So weird to think you have already been to church today, and it is only 8am here!! Miss you guys!! I know Steve misses Dennis today, but Joe is happy to be the "oldest brother"!!!

    1. I love how close these brothers are. It's great. Tell Steven to give Dennis a call early in the morning (our late night) some time on his old office #.

  2. So happy to read of your mission and adventures in Thailand. Jim and I wish you all the best and blessings as you serve. Maridee Brown, my google account is signed mom for some reason so until I figure out how to change it......

  3. Love it! All of it! And you, of course! We pray for you daily and think of you more often than that!

  4. Been thinking of you so much, Joan. I was happy that Liz put up your blog. What a great experience. Thanks to you both for shining as examples of true believers. I look forward to the day, and for now bask in your experiences.
    Love, Jo Ellen
    (I, too, do not know how to change my post to my own name, so it remains in my son's name - who doesn't even use the computer...)

  5. We love your blog and look forward to reading it every week. Keep up the good work. It makes us want to go back and serve another senior mission.
    Your comments about driving in Thailand remind us of the Dominican Republic, very scarry.