Monday, April 29, 2013

Bangkok Church Office Missionaries and Employees

Brother and Sister Neil (far right, front row) from the Hong Kong Church office, visited Bangkok, and the Norda's (curly blonde on front row and 2nd man to her left wearing blue tie) have finished their mission and returning home. So to mark the event, we all went outside for a picture. Next to the Neils are President Senior and Sister Senior, Thailand Bangkok mission president. Elder and Sister Sowards are top row. We have enjoyed getting to know everyone pictured here. They are beautiful people and valuable in their callings and jobs. All the farangs are full time missionaries. The Thais are church employees. Not everyone who serves/works in the building was available for the picture. This is about 80%.

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  1. This is Mira Daniels. Fun reading your blog. Ok, I give. What is a farang?