Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are in Thailand!

Here are the new Thai missionaries at the MTC with us. Somehow I lost the post about them and how enthusiastic they all are. They remind me of stripling warriors.
New missionaries from Provo MTC as they arrived at the Bangkok church office building. Still enthusiastic and all smiles after a 30 hour trip across the Pacific.
After being in transit over 24 hours, 22 hours of it in the air, we were met at the Bangkok airport by our mission president and wife, President and Sister Senior. Their smiles were a welcome sight!

We have spent three days in Bangkok awaiting our assignment, getting to know the other senior couples at the Church office building, and eating great Thai food. We walked all over a mall looking for coconut milk soup--my favorite--with no luck, only to come back to the hotel and find it on the hotel menu! We also love Thai fried rice. It is the best in the world.

But today was the best treat. The 28 elders and sisters preparing to go to Thailand whom we met at the Provo MTC arrived this afternoon. Worn out, hot, but full of excitement and enthusiasm, they rode the train from the airport to the Church office building where we, and their lunch awaited them. The Goodsons, another senior couple from the MTC, arrived before this group. Then later this evening, another group of 6 elders and sisters came from the Philippines MTC. This makes 38 new missionaries including the Sowards. We will lose 19 missionaries this week who will return to their homes after honorably serving their 2 years or 18 month service.
Sister Ashley Rodriquez, Elder Sowards cousin, also serves in Thailand

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